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Class Notes

Written at the end of each class to summarize the lecture, starting in Winter 2019. It’s a shame I didn’t do this during my whole trip through academia, but hey, better late than never. Each entry also contains a rich account of important details from labs and tutorials.

Experimental Failure

Regrettably, I could not keep up (as those around me warned) with the task of copying summaries of every lecture I attended, complete with MathJax and diagrams, into markdown files.

While it lasted, it was a fantastic way to review and reinforce my learning. I’ll leave these course notes up, but this page will now be accessible exclusively via the archives.

I would absolutely attempt this again, but perhaps on a weekly basis.

  1. CSI3131 - Operating Systems
  2. ELG2136 - Analog Electronics I
  3. MAT2384 - Ordinary Differential Equations
  4. PHY2323 - Electricity & Magnetism