Papers on work, life, technology, and the world as I observe it.

Recent Papers

  • The 2018 MacBook Pro Keyboard

    As an intern at IBM, I was assigned an incredibly high-quality machine: A 2018, 15-inch MacBook Pro with 16 Gigs of DDR4 and the infamous touchbar. To buy this thing new, for personal use, it’d cost me over $3500 of the near-worthless cash we Canadians call Dollars. Certainly a pricey machine, and it isn’t for naught: The screen is excellent. I’m sure that people have suffered for screens like this; surreal clarity, even lighting, vivid colors, a pixel density that’ll let you set the text so small you can read it with a microscope. The screen is fantastic. As art, the build quality and materials are undeniably excellent.

  • The Zen of Vim

    When is a tool more than a tool?

  • The Case for Digital Minimalism

    Our senses are overburdened with digital events to process; I feel it is better to have fewer, and so, I have designed my site to address the issue. Not intentionally, really; I just wrote a paginator in Hugo and liked it so much I decided that my entire site would just be one paginator.

My Favourite News Sites

  1. YCombinator’s Hacker News
  2. AllSides, Balanced News


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